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Who we are and what we're about

Developed by a team of subject matter experts and clinical psychologists, the Intervention Hub helps people improve their knowledge and skills to deal with a range of issues or difficulties they may face. All programmes can be used as either a self-help tool or with a professional to guide users.

Currently, the Intervention Hub holds 10 computerised structured programmes with more programmes being added every year. We can even develop bespoke programmes for customers on request. The programmes currently on the Intervention Hub include:

  • The Thinking Skills Hub
  • The Victim Awareness Hub
  • The Domestic Abuse Hub
  • The Cannabis Awareness Hub
  • The Emotional Wellbeing Hub
  • The Anger Management Hub
  • The Alcohol Awareness Hub
  • The Women’s Programme Hub
  • The Youth Programme Hub
  • The Education and Employment Hub

Programmes in development include:

  • Knife Crime and Gang Culture
  • Extremism
  • Domestic Abuse (Female Perpetrators)
  • Domestic Abuse (Same Sex Relationships)

Before implementation, all programmes are extensively piloted to build a large evidence base and proven track record. To date we have achieved an average of 71% positive change rate based on pre-and post-questionnaires which measure changes in thinking and attitudes.

Some of the Intervention Hubs most unique features include:

  • Being accessible on any internet enabled device
  • Being accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Post programme reports are sent for every user within 24 hours of completion (measuring change for each user)
  • Monthly management reports measuring performance over the previous month. This includes functions for management to choose their own set of Key Performance Indicators from our data sets.
  • Live time management reports on request
  • 24 hour a day help desk
  • Wide variety structured programmes
  • Access to a professional’s portal to assist professionals in their own learning for delivering the Intervention Hub.
  • Annual professional feedback evaluations reports
  • Annual Service User feedback evaluations reports.

The Intervention Hub has the largest selection of structured online programmes in the U.K and we have a proven track record of success utilising this technology. The Intervention Hub offers a cost effective and evidence-based solution to support people improve their lives. .


"The intervention hub is a very useful tool to use with participants" "The focussed work is excellent and helps to engage the participant." "I like the structure it gives to appointments with participants- enabling them to complete meaningful work and contribute towards Rehabilitation Activity Rehabilitation days." "I like the structured format and it helps to keep sessions focused and relevant. The exercises are also clear and help to explain things to participants and use their own examples." "The anger management has helped loads of my participants"
"Upon completion of the Phoenix Domestic Abuse Awareness Program our service user reported the Domestic Abuse and Victim Awareness courses on the online hub were a great way to continue his learning. Based on his experience of the hub he asked if he could also complete the 'Cannabis Awareness' which he felt could be of benefit to him also."

James Lilly, Perpetrator Officer, Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services
"Just had my first Intervention Hub completer! He did the ETE course and said that he found it really useful and actually enjoyed it! He made a point of saying how it was different from previous ‘ticky-box’ courses he’s done before, as it was more interactive and goal-setting; he’s kept his own written record of his plan so that he can review his progress in the coming months."

Jon Cunningham, PSO, DTV CRC Stockton Team
"The Intervention Hub has a wide range of programmes and has been an invaluable tool to help us address problematic behaviour linked to offending with our Service Users. Feedback has shown that both Probation staff and Service Users have found it easy to use, engaging and extremely useful in structuring one to one sessions and tackling issues linked to offending. I would strongly recommend the Intervention Hub to anyone looking to work with offending."

Saphron North, DTV CRC Durham Partnerships Manager
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