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The APV Hub

What is the APV Hub?

RSMS are pleased to announce that we have developed and are piloting a new Adolescent Parental Violence (AVP) programme alongside Cambridge Police in recognition of the urgent need for a resource which takes a holistic approach to violence within the family unit.

Research taken in to consideration includes recent Home Office Guidance on APV, Holes in The Wall, Research undertaken by DI Bartlett which looks more specifically at the factors present in police call-outs involving APV, and existing interventions such as Break for Change.

RSMS has a successful track record of developing online behavioural change interventions, utilised by Probation, Police, Prisons and the Third Sector. These are developed by subject matter experts and utilise a genre of treatment known as computerised CBT (endorsed by NICE 2009). The APV Hub is the first to involve both Adults and Children and facilitators will be trained to ensure it is delivered as intended. The programme consists of 8 chapters (1.5 hours each), each chapter is heavily discussion based and is structured in the following way:

  • Knowledge (The particular topic of the chapter is introduced)
  • Parents (Parents are asked to apply the topic to themselves)
  • Child/P (Child is asked to apply the topic to themselves)
  • Reflection-Together (Facilitated discussion between child/YP and Parent)
  • New Tool (Parent and Child/YP are given a tool related to the topic to help improve communication/issue)
  • Session summary

The chapters include:

  1. Experiences-Looking at how our past experiences can impact on our behaviours and interactions
  2. Exploring Our Experiences- More depth with regards to current stresses, parenting styles and impact of these
  3. Respect-What is it, why is it important, how do we show it, what are the benefits?
  4. Managing and Showing Emotions-Why is it important, how can we do this in a healthy way?
  5. Violence and Abuse-What does this look like, what is the impact, how can we avoid it?
  6. Substance Use-How can this change our behaviour and contribute to an unhealthy home environment?
  7. Perspective Taking- Including views of, and impact on Siblings
  8. My Family Plan- Drawing together what has been learnt, what will be put in to action and how will this be monitored

Intended Outcomes:

  • Parent and Child have a developed understanding of how their past experiences along with their thoughts and feelings impact on their behaviour
  • Parent and Child understand how to identify their current stress factors, how to manage these in a positive way in order to avoid them impacting negatively on their behaviour. This also aims to increase dialogue and awareness between parent/child re things like pressures and perspective taking
  • Parent and Child have increased understanding of what constitutes respectful behaviour, why it is important and beneficial to their relationship. Both will be encouraged to talk about how they can behave more respectfully and avoid behaviours that are not respectful
  • Parent and Child have an increased understanding of how to recognise their emotions, how to prevent acting impulsively on emotions and what techniques may help them manage emotions
  • Parent and Child have an increased understanding of what constitutes violent and abusive behaviour, how it can damage trust and relationships and how it can be avoided
  • Parent and Child develop an understanding of why they may use substances and how they can exacerbate personal wellbeing and relationships. Participants will also be encouraged to think about how they can achieve the effects they seek (e.g. feeling relaxed) through positive, non-harmful means and how to action this
  • Parent and Child have an increased understanding on the negative impacts of their behaviours on others (and each other) in terms of both the long-term and short-term
  • Parent and Child collaboratively set goals that they will be accountable for progressing with regards to reducing abusive behaviour and improving their relationship/communication, and how they will do this.

Should you require any further information, please contact us.

If you are currently utilising this programme as part of the pilot, you can only make a referral at a specific link which would have already been distributed. If you would like it resent please contact us.

Example of an excercise in this hub:

Available across all devices

The Intervention Hub is available across a number of different operating systems and browsers including the below:

"Resources such as these allow Officers to work flexibly and efficiently, alleviating some of the pressures around delivering a quality and effective intervention during the pandemic. The platform is reliable and compliments remote supervision of offenders. It affords remote delivery of intervention which allows reflective space for those who struggle with literacy or interpersonal skills, allowing them to complete the work at their own speed and in a comfortable and familiar environment. The report provided upon completion allows Officers to review work that has been completed and challenge accordingly. (National Probation Service - Wales) " "’We have been using the Interventions Hub for DV work with one of my offenders. He is from a travelling background and struggles reading and writing. We have been doing the DV sessions during appointment and the videos and audio’s descriptions have been really useful – we have been listening to the audio together I then ask the questions and note down his answers. We have only been doing it for 2 weeks but are already half way through session 3 as at the end of session 2 he asked to carry on which clearly says something about how he is finding the work. His index offence is not DV but he has a previous DV offence – the fact that he will get a completed report / feedback at the end will also help in terms of children’s services involvements as part of the CIN plan there is an action for him to do some DV work. This report will be shared with SS.(National Probation Service - Wales) " "The focussed work is excellent and helps to engage the participant." "I like that they can do it at home alone in particular when were only in the office one day a week at the moment so don’t have a long time for each appointment to spend so they can complete at home and then review during the appointment together (National Probation Service - Wales)" "The anger management has helped loads of my participants." "I like how the service user can use it whichever way best suits their learning style so there is the audio, the visual video and the written format for people who prefer to read (National Probation Service - Wales)" "I like the structure it gives to appointments with participants- enabling them to complete meaningful work and contribute towards Rehabilitation Activity Rehabilitation days." "I like the structured format and it helps to keep sessions focused and relevant. The exercises are also clear and help to explain things to participants and use their own examples." ""The programme is a really good thing and has helped me and opened my eyes to dealing with different scenarios. Lots taken on board, thought it would be a load of rubbish but really enjoyed it. From the sessions I have done, on the Hate Crime Hub it does show you how to be calmer. I used to be like, Ill treat people how they treat me but I want to change that so I remain calmer in situations. I have definitely learnt from this course." - Service User " "I think it’s been brilliant, especially with cases isolating whom are not ill but have been contacted by track and trace say. They have been able to do some at home and then come in and have a discussion about the work they have completed and it generates a summary of areas to work on so we can identify future work. This has been really helpful because it is their own work and therefore it gives a better idea of their understanding sometimes without the support or prompts from us. It’s definitely a good starting point and good for those who work as well. They also can’t lose it or leave it somewhere else or forget to bring it in with them! (National Probation Service - Wales)" "The intervention hub is a very useful tool to use with participants"
"Working with the Intervention Hub has allowed Mid and West Wales to bridge a gap in service prevision that has long hindered our response to VAWDASV. As a Region we have had to over come barriers of rurality and isolation, while ensuring we are operating in a safe capacity. The Intervention Hub has opened doors for us to work innovatively and preventatively with the citizens across our diverse communities. The Intervention Hub team have been incredibly supportive and proactive in enabling us to start this project from scratch and scale it up seamlessly and efficiently. The ongoing support provided is encouraging and uplifting and the willingness to work with us on development of the project has been enormously beneficial. Essentially the Hub has made it possible for Mid and West Wales to move forward in achieving the mission of our Regional VAWDASV Strategy, to improve our response to Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence and to better serve our communities in doing so. Prevention is essential and by working with the Hub, we are able to work with individuals in addressing the perpetration of abuse and preventing further harm."

Natalie Hancock, Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Regional Adviser, Mid and West Wales
"The Intervention Hub has a wide range of programmes and has been an invaluable tool to help us address problematic behaviour linked to offending with our Service Users. Feedback has shown that both Probation staff and Service Users have found it easy to use, engaging and extremely useful in structuring one to one sessions and tackling issues linked to offending. I would strongly recommend the Intervention Hub to anyone looking to work with offending."

Saphron North, DTV CRC Durham Partnerships Manager
"We are delighted with how well the interventions Hub is working. The Hub has allowed us to effectively triage between those individuals who require face to face treatment from those who can be diverted into an online therapeutic programme which addresses their offending behaviours. Prior to the inception of the intervention hub we found that our partners were becoming strained by the volume of referrals into the system. The use of electronic Interventions has allowed us to reduce partner workload by over 60%, and so far the compliance rate for completion of electronic interventions is very high, and whilst it is too early as yet to asses the recidivism rate I believe a longitudal review will demonstrate their effectiveness. Cambridgeshire Constabulary started its trauma informed approach to offender management in January 2021 and in that time we have dealt with over 7382 offenders outside of court and victim satisfaction has remained high because we tailor the intervention to ensure restitution for the victim as well dealing with criminal causation and the intervention hub is key to that delivery. Research has repeatedly shown that victims of complex societal issues such as Hate crime do not want to go to court and value the matter being dealt with in a speedy manner outside of the court framework. The organisational benefits have been significant, Investigation times are down, the Constabularies outcome performance has improved significantly as a consequence of the ethical use a trauma informed approach. "

Detective Inspector And Bartlett MSc
"Intervention Hub were great to work with as a creative partner in developing and digitising existing content into ‘digital workbooks’ for our clients. They have been flexible and responsive at each step of the way, working with us for example to provide tailored reporting. I would recommend them to others."

Carwyn Gravell, Divisional Director of Business Development, The Forward Trust
"Upon completion of the Phoenix Domestic Abuse Awareness Program our service user reported the Domestic Abuse and Victim Awareness courses on the online hub were a great way to continue his learning. Based on his experience of the hub he asked if he could also complete the 'Cannabis Awareness' which he felt could be of benefit to him also."

James Lilly, Perpetrator Officer, Phoenix Domestic Abuse Services
"Just had my first Intervention Hub completer! He did the ETE course and said that he found it really useful and actually enjoyed it! He made a point of saying how it was different from previous ‘ticky-box’ courses he’s done before, as it was more interactive and goal-setting; he’s kept his own written record of his plan so that he can review his progress in the coming months."

Jon Cunningham, PSO, DTV CRC Stockton Team
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